RTPS Colony, Shaktinagar, District-Raichur, Karnataka, 584170

Learning Approach of DAV  

We adopt new and alternative methods to carry on the teaching-learning process to develop various skills of our students.
Language Development
Language helps in exploring new ideas. We enhance vocabulary development, verbal expression, fluent & correct speech by activities like free conversation, story telling, dramatic play to develop listening and speaking skills of a child.
Creative& Expressive Art    
We provide material to the students and help the children to find ways of doing the things independently. Efforts are made to develop hand-eye co-ordination. Music and dance is also much emphasized upon to refine the artistic tastes of the students.
Social & Emotional Growth
Our school programme involves a lot  of teacher parent interaction . Both work together for the benefit of children. Rhymes, dancing to music, playing , eating together, washing hands before meals are the activities that help the child to gain social & emotional awareness in his peer group.
Individual Attention And Personal Care
Children have  unique learning styles and they learn at their own pace. D.A.V provides an individual attention to each.

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RTPS Colony, Shaktinagar,
District - Raichur,
Karnataka - 584170
Contact: 8532247266
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